13 Things About Public Speaking Career .. Pt.2

13 Things About Public Speaking Career .. Pt.1
October 28, 2017
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November 17, 2017

13 Things About Public Speaking Career .. Pt.2

3) Don’t Agree To Speak On A Subject That’s Completely Out Of Your Experience

Every subject I ever agreed to speak on was within my experience.

When they asked me to speak on leadership, I had been a sales manager in large organizations. I had hired, fired, trained and deployed and worked with people for years.  I knew the subject because I had been a leader. When they asked me to speak on sales and on time management, I had already studied these subjects for years.

How can you apply this to yourself?

What are you experienced in? Become a specialist in one area of your expertise and capitalize on speaking to groups who are interested in your specialty.

4) Speaking Requires You To Care About Your Subject

You’ve got to care about the subject, and care about how the subject can have a positive influence on other people.

When you truly care about your subject you will develop confidence and your effectiveness in delivery will increase.

5) Stay Current And Up To Date

I was at a conference just a little while ago and someone said that I was the most current person they had ever spoken to.

He told me this:

“Everything you say is current to within the last 30 days, and sometimes as recent as seven or even two days.”

This, by the way is really key to surviving and thriving in the world of professional speaking and training.

6) 80% Of All Speakers Are Also Trainers

Here’s another point:

About 80% of all speakers are actually trainers.

If you’re going to be a trainer, one of the most important things that you should read is a book by Robert Mager on training.

He was the genius of professional training.

Basically he teaches what is called the Mager Method.  I learned it as a young person, and once you learn it you’ll never be the same.  You won’t have to go back to it again; it becomes automatic, like riding a bicycle.

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