13 Things About Public Speaking Career .. Pt.1

13 Things About Public Speaking Career .. Pt.2
October 28, 2017

13 Things About Public Speaking Career .. Pt.1

Do you have a passion for public speaking? Do you want to get your message out to people and companies but aren’t sure where to start?

I’ve had a wonderful speaking career that has spanned for over 30 years. I’m going to tell you about how I became a public speaker, and give you some tips I’ve learned along the way to help you do the same.

An enormous number of professional speakers start off the same way:

They start off speaking in their organization or in their company or sometimes will be asked to talk on their subject to a small group of people within their industry. They put together some notes and share what they know.

When people respond positively, the speaker will suddenly realize that they really enjoyed it too.  And that is one of the main reasons people want to get into speaking.

Keep reading and let me give you some tips I learned on the road to becoming a motivational speaker:

1) You Have To Really Want A Public Speaking Career

My friend Bill Gove who used to be one of the top speakers in America, would be approached by people all the time telling him they wanted to be speakers.

He would ask the question, “Why?”

Often they would tell him they wanted to be famous, or make a lot of money and be a star on the stage.

He pointed out that these were not good enough reasons.  Just to want to make money and have fame were not good enough reasons.

The reason why successful people are successful in speaking is because they have a burning message that they want to share, that people can really benefit from.

2) How Zig Ziglar Started Speaking

Zig Ziglar, who is one of the great and legendary motivational speakers, used to say that he gave 3,000 talks before he was paid for the first one.

I worked with Zig for years, traveling and speaking together.  I finally found out that what he meant was that he started off in sales and then trained sales people for a decade or more.

Every morning he would give a little sales talk to his people.  He would tell little stories and give little motivational and sales tidbits, and that was his beginning.

This could be your beginning . . .

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