Be relentless; always!

SBA Crush Wednesday – Ibrahim Mustapha
June 24, 2020

Be relentless; always!

Life can be like taking pictures. Sometimes the pictures you get are lovely, other times they are terrible. Sometimes the pictures make you smile and other times they make you wonder if it’s really you in the picture.

So it is with life; sometimes it’s good, other times it’s bad. Sometimes you like what you get, other times you just hate what you get. Some times everything looks all rosy, other times it seems as though you fell in thorns. The beauty about life lies in its diversity of outcomes, the lessons there after and the experience accumulated.

Just like taking pictures, sometimes you do it yourself, other times you ask others to assist you. Sometimes you dress up for it, other times you just go with the flow. In all cases, some pictures will be great, others will not. What matters most, however, is that you get to choose which pictures to put out; and when you do, whether the world likes it or not, you made the decision and you went with it.

Some may like you, others may not, some will praise you, others will criticise you; what’s important is that you decide what to do with the life you have and whether or not people like it; that’s their business, not yours. Let no one take the right to choose from you. If you don’t like the picture of your life now, you have the choice to take others and to select which one to put out and which to keep to yourself.

Keep taking those pictures; some of them will definitely blow your mind and you will not believe how far you’ve come! Be relentless; always!

Picture taken at Hotel Casaréré Ghana

By: Ekow Mensah – Founder – Speakers’ Bureau Africa (SBA)

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