Emerging Speakers Conference

Research shows that public speaking is one of our biggest fears. The very prospect can terrify us, and even make us physically ill. Yet usually at some point in our lives, we will need to speak in front of others. It may be at a formal interview, giving a presentation at school or work, chairing a difficult meeting, or making a humorous speech at a gathering. Sometimes, how we perform on these occasions can have a huge impact on our lives: it may even be a make or break situation.

The Emerging Speakers’ Conference is an initiative aimed at promoting the art of public speaking and building the skills of the youth with knowledge and resources on effective presentation, public speaking, personal branding and confidence building.

These, we believe, are essential soft skills needed to enable the youth in particular to be adequately equipped and better positioned to take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace, advance their careers and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

The conference will showcase individuals who have successfully built economically viable speaking careers to inspire participants that desire to toe similar path.