Top 100 Speakers in Ghana

Whatever you do, at a certain point in your life, you will speak to and with people. It may be just two others, your family, your friends, your colleagues or bosses at work, during an interview or on a big stage to a big audience. While everybody speaks in public one way or the other, there are those who have crafted an art and act out of speaking and are impacting the world positively with it.

Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Tony Robbins, Nick Vujicic, Zig Zigla, Jack Ma, Vusi Thembekwayo, Tracey Foulkes, Kariuki Kamau, King Nahh; these are some of the world’s most renowned public speakers and coaches. The world celebrates these and many others for using their passion to change the lives of people for the better. For the greater part of the African history, and even till today, some of the best public speakers have been politicians. Kwame Nkrumah, Haile Selassie, Nelson Mandela, Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, Yaa Asantewa, Winnie Mandela, and quite recently, PLO Lumumba; these are some of the most resounding voices, for which the crowds gathered and still gather today, no matter the weather.

Until the Dei-Tumis and the Ocrans, public speaking was left solely to the politicians and activists in Ghana. In the fourth republic, however, things have changed. Numerous names can be mentioned in various fields of endeavour within the public speaking space. Too many people, in Ghana now, take upon themselves the title of public speaker or motivational speaker.

To find out who the real deals are and to celebrate them accordingly, the Speakers’ Bureau Africa (SBA) sought to produce a list of the Top 100 Speakers (T100S) in Ghana. The main purpose of putting this list together is to provide an updated database on public speaking in Ghana as well as give recognition to speakers who are shaping lives and building legacies through their work.

It must be noted that this list was built by the Bureau in all secrecy and independence. No speaker in this list has been contacted for assistance, even in getting short profiles of them. None of the speakers in this list was aware before the release of this list.


Abeiku Santana

Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey Santana is a man of many talents; a well known as Radio Broadcaster, a seasoned Communications Expert, Content Developer, Speaker, Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Youth Leader, Community Developer and International Trade Relations Consultant.
He is also the C.E.O of Bayslodge Hotel and Apartment, Kaya Tours Company Limited, Strategic Communications Limited, Kaya Management Services Limited and Smart Broadcasting Company Limited.
He is one of Africa’s most accomplished and most influential Tourism personalities. Few people have shaped communications as much as Abeiku has within the sub-region.

Ace Kojo Anan Ankomah

He is a Legal Practitioner, a Law Lecturer, a Public Speaker, a Personal Development Coach. A Pianist, a Musical Director and a Song Writer.
He is a Managing Partner with Bentsi-Enchill, Letsa & Ankomah (BELA), a well-respected law firm, numbered among the heavyweights in Ghana. He is a resolute member of the Occupy Ghana, a pressure group which seeks and agitates for good and responsible governance and inspires great leadership for Ghana.
He is also the Founder and CEO of Independent Civil Advocacy Network (I-Can) Ghana.

Albert Kusi

He is an Entrepreneur by experience, Business Development Strategist and a celebrated Conference host and speaker. He is the founder and CEO of LEC Group. He has over a decade of experience in Business Development, Strategic Planning and Sales & Marketing.
His passion for public speaking, motivating and developing the potentials of young people drove him to conceive what has now become the most preferred annual youth gathering dubbed Success Africa Conference; a career and motivation conference organized across the country and also in Liberia and Nigeria and other parts of Africa.
His organization has also churned a number of tailor-made conference including, ‘After School What Next’ for undergraduates, Possibilities Conference for the young working class, among others.

Albert Ocran

He is a Motivational Speaker and CEO of Combert Impressions. Albert has a diverse range of media education platforms including Springboard, the Virtual University, which airs weekly on Joy FM and daily to millions on radio networks across Ghana.
Together with his wife, Comfort, he has authored 20 bestselling books. He is also the executive pastor of ICGC Christ Temple, Chairman of Lexta Ghana Limited and a Director of Metso Minerals Ghana.
He is one of Ghana’s most sought-after speakers with a series of over 120 annual engagements that include high profile assignments for local and international organizations both in Ghana and abroad.
He also received the highly coveted “Millennium Excellence Award 2010” for his Inspirational and Motivational Work.

Ama Duncan

She is the founder of The Fabulous Woman Network (The FWN) where she conducts activities to empower women and with which she has shared life-changing stories of over 180 fabulous women reaching over 4,000,000 people on social media, organised events for over 800 women, connected many women to help.
She is also the founder of the Corporate Training Solutions (CTS), which she has used to train over 1000 people.
She mentors women and youth, speaks on radio, television shows and in conferences including the 2017 Science Forum South Africa and TEDx Adum. Ama is the author of Yarns of inspiration.

Amma Serwaa Bonsu Ampaafo

She is a Public Speaker and an Entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of ‘iVolunteer’ Ghana, a social enterprise which provides a platform for Volunteers in Ghana to move from Compassion to Action to help in the development of Ghana and a Personal Development Mentor at ‘iEducate’, a NGO which provides guidance and mentorship for the youths.
She is also a Public Speaking Coach at the Speakers Bureau Africa as well as a Judge of the “Emerging Speakers Challenge”.
She is a co-founder of the Gemini Outreach and the Managing Director of StratBrain Consult.

Amos Kevin Annan

He is the Deputy Youth Director of the Church of Pentecost. He is renowned as a Counsellor, a Consultant, an Inspirational Speaker, a Life Coach and a Relationship and Marriage expert.
Elder Amos is a very authoritative, and sometimes controversial, voice in the Christian life arena in Ghana. He is known to be witty with his topics for speeches, speaking on titles such as, “Do Not Rely On A Woman's Looks”, “Winning at Work Yet Losing at Love”, “From Hello to I Do” and “There is No Case For Divorce” among many others.
He also regularly features on radio and TV programs to share his insightful ideas on the Christian Life and Relationship. He is also the Training Coordinator of the Pentecost Youth Resource Centre at Tema. He has authored of a number of life-changing relationship books.

Anas Armeyaw Anas

He is an investigative journalist who has won the heart of the world over with his “Name, Shame and Jail” mantra and philosophy. He has risked his very life time and over to uncover the truth behind some of the ugliest canker in our societies in numerous African Countries.
He is the founder of the Tiger Eye PI, the media consult he uses in his operations. No one has ever seen his real face, but he has been hosted on some of the world’s biggest Public Speaking stages in many countries of the world.
In March 2016, Anas was invited by Harvard Law School as a keynote speaker to share his experiences as an international undercover journalist creating change on the continent of Africa.
Anas made his first foray into public life, outside of the world of investigative journalism, as a powerful advocate for peace in his "Anas4Peace" multimedia campaign creating films, jingles and interactive social media posts by twenty (22) of the most powerful non-aligned Ghanaian celebrities to advocate for peace during the election period.

Anis Haffar

He is an Author, a Columnist, an Adjunct Lecturer, a Teacher and a Communications Expert. He is a very experienced educationist who has taught for over ten years with the Los Angeles Unified School District and coordinated a Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) programme.
He is the founder and a Trainer of Trainers of the GATE Institute in Ghana, to update teachers in current trends in education and leadership. As a writer, Anis writes a weekly column, “Education Matters”, for the national coverage newspaper, Daily Graphic, and a bi-monthly column, “Human Capital”, in the Business World newspaper.
He has authored, “LEADERSHIP: Reflections on Some Movers, Shakers and Thinkers” which he used to teach Leadership Seminars at Ashesi University (2010 – 2011) and “MFANTSIPIM: The Makers of a Great School”, which was launched at he Kofi Annan ICT Centre of Excellence, Accra. He is working on his next book titled, “Transforming Education for Quality Leadership and Prosperity”.

Anita Erskine

She is a Broadcaster, Communications Specialist, Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker.
She founded and is the CEO of Anita Erskine Media, a multi-faceted Communications Consultancy, devised to develop and execute a very specific strategy with an objective audible worldwide which she calls the “Africa Will Rise and Tell Her Story” strategy. She is a celebrated TV & radio personality, having worked with Viasat1 and the EIB Network.
She is a Women’s Activist but does not believe feminism must reduce to war with men

Anita Wiafe-Asinor

She is an HR Specialist, a Consultant and a Public Speaker. She the Founder and Managing Director of OML Africa & HR4Charities (UK).
She was the Functional and Technical expert for the implementation of the Government of Ghana's Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) for the public services. She has developed and implemented HR Policies for over ten (10) countries worldwide.
She is the founder of the Africa Associates of Human Resource Leaders and is a professional network specifically for HR Leaders operating in Africa.

Apostle Prof. Opoku Onyinah

He is the Chairman of The Church of Pentecost worldwide and the President of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC).
He is an authoritative voice on Christian Theology and philosophy, society, relationships and marriage. He has written dozens of books on various topics for academic, motivational and religious purposes.
He is the author of numerous books and articles including: “Pentecostals & Charismatics,” “Spiritual Warfare,” “Resting in the Lord,” “Are Two Persons the same?” “Pressure of Success,” “Taking the Ultimate Step in Marriage” and “African Christianity in the 21st Century.”

Archbishop Gabriel Charles Palmer-Buckle

He is the current Archbishop of the Cape Coast Archdiocese and the Apostolic Administrator of the Catholic Archdiocese of Accra. He is a former teacher and school chaplain of Pope John SHS and Seminary and Achimota School.
He is a regular and riveting voice on national leadership, corruption and lifestyle issues. He is an inspirational teacher and has coached a lot of priests for the Catholic Church. He is a key figure on the political scene of Ghana.
He captivates his audience with his speeches which are always interspersed with wit, ironies, comic reliefs and real life examples but which also border on motivation, commentaries on social and religious canker and leadership on all fronts.

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams

He is a Pastor, a Teacher, an Inspirational Speaker, a Life Coach and a Mentor who has trained and inspired thousands of pastors, bishops and lay leaders. He is the Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of Christian Action Faith Ministries (CAFM) which has over 300 affiliate and branch churches located in North America, Europe, and Africa.
He is the founder and father of the Charismatic Movement and the Founder and President of Prayer Summit International (PSI). a conference which brings revivals to international cities through the power of corporate, intercessory and prophetic prayer.
He also founded ‘Compassion in Action Africa’ an NGO that is transforming schools under trees into 21st-century primary educational facilities while also providing clean water and other forms of support.
He is the president and founder of Dominion University and the author of numerous books, notable “Powers Behind the Scenes”, “Prayer Moves God” and “Binding the Strong Man”.

Ato Ulzen-Appiah

He is a social entrepreneur, consultant, social media influencer, blogger and director of the Ghana Think Foundation.
He is a co-founder of Barcamp Ghana and Junior Camp Ghana which empowers the youth to take up volunteer roles in Ghana. He is an ardent mentor of youths for which reason he has grabbed the opportunity to speak on numerous platforms and trained many more others in social media usage and marketing.
He is a Global Shapers Alumni of the World Economic Forum Accra hub.
He has been on a lot of panels discussing the future of Africa and the new digital age using social media. He was a judge on the Seedstars Accra startup challenge.

Benson Owusu

Benson was voted the 2017 Africa Youth Awards Health Personality of the Year. He is skilled in Leadership, Nursing care, Public Health, Public Speaking, Social Media and Public Relations. He is the Health Advisor of Vodafone Healthline and the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.
He is a telehealth educator on Amansan TV, Light TV, U TV and TV3.
He is Founder and CEO of Quick Medical Consult, a nonprofit organization made up of health professionals from various background as well as journalists with the aim of reaching the society with health education, organizing free medical screening for hard to reach communities in Ghana, enrolling needy children on the National Health insurance as well as raising funds to enable them undergo surgery if their parents cannot afford. He has mounted high and low stages to speak various issues of health in and out of Ghana.

Bernard Kelvin Clive

He is an Author, Speaker, and Trainer. He is Ghana’s foremost authority on Personal branding and Digital Publishing.
He is Personal Branding Coach and Brand Strategist at BKC Consulting. He has offered consulting services to hundreds of writers, poets, authors locally and internationally to self-publish their books. He is an Amazon bestselling author of over 30 published books.
He is a familiar face on GTV and other TV stations where he shares his ideas on branding and strategy.

Bernard Korku Avle

He is an award-winning Ghanaian media personality, broadcast journalist, public speaker. He is the current host of Citi FM's morning show The “Citi Breakfast Show” and the former host of the “Ghana Report” on Viasat 1 TV.
He also moderates and facilitates local and international conferences occasionally. He is also the Director of News at Citi FM, one of Ghana's most influential radio stations. He is also a member of the governing council of the Global Marketing Network in Ghana.
As a founding director of “iJourno Africa”, he trains and creates opportunities for participants to practice citizen journalism and equip them with tools to cover local issues.

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills

He is a dynamic apostle, an evangelist, a pastor, a teacher and a prophet. His teachings and books show God's power and truth working in his life and the lives of others. He has a peculiar ability to motivate people to do the work of the ministry.
He also serves on the board of Directors of Church Growth International and the Pentecostal World Fellowship.
He is the founder of the Anagkazo Bible Schools, a full-time Bible school with several thousand students worldwide, aimed at inspiring others to ministry as well as the Leadership International (an unrelenting outreach into second-cycle institutions), that is aimed at inspiring the next generation to reach the unreached.
Millions of his books have been printed and freely 'seeded' in nations around the world.

Bishop Gideon Titi-Ofei

He is a Leadership coach, a Motivational Speaker, a Thinker, an Entrepreneur and an Author.
He is the Founder and CEO of Deoncross Group - a group of world class educational institutions including Almond Institute, Graduate School of Governance and Leadership, The Boardroom Institute, International Organisation for Capacity Building London, London School of Governance and Leadership and African Diplomatic and Policy Institute.
He is a member of the National Peace Council and President of the Titi-Ofei Ministries, a multi-faceted ministry comprising Pleasant Place Church, Pastors Mentoring Pastors, The League of Pastors, The Pastoral Leadership Institute and The Pleasant World Media.
He is the author of “Common Sense Principle” and “21 Most Important Questions Highly Successful People ask themselves”, which are in print as well as audio.